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Olaf Scholz’s Trip to China

Episode Summary

On November 4, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited China, marking the first time that a G7 country’s leader met with President Xi Jinping since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and since Xi secured a third term in power. It was also their first in-person meeting since Scholz took over the Chancellery from long-time leader Angela Merkel in 2021 and since the conclusion of the 20th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and Xi’s further consolidation of power. To assess the outcomes of Chancellor Scholz’s trip and Germany’s policy toward China, host Bonnie Glaser speaks with Noah Barkin, a visiting senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund and Managing Editor at the Rhodium Group’s China Practice. Barkin writes about European policy toward China in his monthly Watching China in Europe newsletter.

Episode Notes

[01:26] Criticism of Scholz’s Trip

[5:18] Scholz’s Trip Aspirations

[8:40] German and European Perceptions of the trip

[11:33] Xi Jinping’s Gains & Sino-German Relationship

[13:20] Germany’s China Strategy

[21:38] Germany’s Changing Taiwan Policy