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China’s Dominance in Global Supply Chains

Episode Summary

In 1978, China was a nearly autarkic country. But in the 30 years that followed, the country transitioned to become the world’s largest manufacturer and goods exporter. Today, China is a major actor in global value chains, accounting for nearly 20 percent of global manufacturing trade and an even greater share of many intermediate global value chain inputs that are essential for production. So how did China become so deeply integrated into global supply chains? What has been the role of industrial policies in China’s achievement of supply chain dominance? To answer these questions and to discuss China’s dominance in global supply chains, host Bonnie Glaser speaks with Dr. David J. Bulman, the Jill McGovern and Steven Muller Assistant Professor of China Studies and International Affairs and the US Director of the Pacific Community Initiative at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. His research examines economic and political development in China and the implications for US-China relations.

Episode Notes

[1:28] China's Dominance in Global Supply Chains

[3:50] Role of China's Industrial Policy

[9:08] Implications of Variables Affecting Supply Chains

[13:37] US Policy Response and the CHIPS Act

[20:36] Made in China 2025

[24:54] Economic Coercion, Vulnerabilities, and an Effective Response